Wedding Planning (Part 1): A wedding planner or not



Looking back, I marveled at how I was able to handle a change of job, plan a wedding and actually pulling it off. Some friends thought I was either crazy or over-ambitious. 🙂 So, to answer how’s I’ve done it, I’ve decided to start a small series on my wedding planning journey which I hope may be useful to some. By sharing my journey, I hope to make another bride-to-be smile, breathe and remain positive that all brides goes through the same issues. 🙂 As you already know, I’m a person of DIY which I’ll love to share more throughout the entire wedding planning process.

Choose a date
2 years ago when the hubby and I got engaged, we didn’t jump right into wedding planning. In fact, we didn’t do anything till about a year ago where we scrambled to look for a location and started planning. But the first thing we did was to decide on when we would like to tie the knot and say our vows. Choosing a date is a private affair where you decide on what the date would mean to you as a couple. After much deliberation, we chose a day in late January and hoped for beautiful weather.

Wedding planner, oui or non?
A crucial thought to get it all started. Some questions I stated asking myself:
1) Is it going to be an mega event? – In my opinion, if the event is to be super gala or a guest list of at least 400 guests, I’ll definitely suggest a wedding planner as it would obviously be too stressful to do it all by yourself.
2) How relaxed do I want to be? – Very relaxed of course, goes without saying. Planning the wedding yourself can be daunting as you would have to be both resourceful and dedicated. While getting a professional would mean that you are only required to be the decision maker. Yes to this.. no to that… I prefer the white.. etc..
2) Should I get a friend to be the wedding planner? – Only if you are sure you won’t turn bridezilla on he/she as she is not getting paid like a professional wedding planner so it is not fair.
3) Do I have a budget for a wedding planner? – A professional wedding planner is costly but is super efficient/effective, considering he/she would have all the necessary contacts and probably have done this for a million time. For me, I just didn’t felt compiled to getting a wedding planner. True do-it-yourself spirit. (little did I anticipated for the work to come).

So, in the end I became my own wedding planner. My very own Do-It-Yourself wedding planning!

Wedding planning 2
Lists are your best friends
Right after I’ve decided to take on the role of the wedding planner, I sat down and drafted a list of to-dos. At first I didn’t know what to do as I wasn’t those whom immediately went out and bought a thousand copies of bridal magazines. But I did surf around for some wedding websites to guide me along. Firstly, I listed down all the things I could think of like location, theme, bridal dress, wedding car, decorations, photoshoot, food etc…. And then I segregated them into when they should be completed. Eg. 6 months before The-Day, 2 months before, 1 week before, 3 days before etc… Thereafter, I planned who was to take on what tasks, like I knew the hubby would be familiar with photography and cars, so I tasks him those task he is good at. 🙂 You may also create sub-task list from the main one. Like for eg. Book a Photographer for wedding day; further lists could include 1) check with cousin on recommendations, 2) budget, 3) check on shooting style of photographer.

It would make your life much easier once your have the tasklist ready and when they are to be completed by so that you will stay completely on top of your game. Hence, take a deep breathe and start drafting!

In my next post, we will talk about the fun stuff like selecting the perfect location, wedding themes and save the dates!

Meanwhile, have a great week ahead!

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