Handmade Baby’s Blanket

The mister insisted that I make a little baby blankie for our little bub. He feels that it is essential in every kiddo’s childhood, something precious, and something handmade that grows up with you. Just like grandma’s quilted blanket or pillow when we were young.

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Wedding Planning (Part 10): Summing it up!


At first it was all very daunting when it came to planning the wedding. How was it possible to juggle the busyness at work, the wedding date looming closer and the intention to customize so many things! I wouldn’t deny that the stress and tension did get to me sometimes and often I find an easy target to vent all my frustration on (sorry mister).

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Wedding Planning (Part 9): Make it your own


Every wedding begins with planning or an enthusiastic bride. Hours is spent poring over wedding magazines, the internet, consulting with family & friends and the occasional opinion from the groom. The objective of it all is to be able to have a wedding uniquely yours.

While I may not have big fancy ideas or a dream wedding (ok, maybe it might have been great to have a full on garden wedding with marquee and the whole works in a weather that is cool and non-humid. I think that’s a stretch!), I definitely wanted to look back at this day and exclaim “I think this is so us!”

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Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dotted Skirt

Full skirt

I’ve always had a soft spot for polka dots, big ones, medium ones and even tiny ones. It is like second nature to pick up anything with polka dots on them as soon as I enter a shop. This obsession could well be attributed to the years spent in Secondary School in a green polka dotted uniform.
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