Wedding Planning (Part 2): It’s all about Silver & Gold


It’s now on to the fun stuff! Though it was kind of stressful for me when choosing the location and deciding on the theme, it was also most fun for me. Stressful because I had to ensure my vision are similar to that of my fiance. I wanted both of us to agree collectively on what we ultimately chose. Fun because I get to give the research excuse and spend hours and hours pouring over Pinterest and websites to gather inspiration and ideas.

Nature has been a big part of our lives, we enjoy walks in the park or spending time at the beach so it was no surprise we wanted something tied closely to nature. Initially, we wanted an intimate event for just our close friends and family so we scouted venues like White Rabbit, Halia at Botanical Garden, Fort Canning, Jewel box and even Chijmes (if you live in Singapore, you are likely to be familiar with these locations 🙂 )

All images credit to Google

(White Rabbit)

Villa Halia wedding showcase - Courtyard

(Fort Canning)

(Jewel Box)

wedding (1)

We wanted to stay away from the big hotels like Marriott, Pan Pacific etc as we didn’t feel it tied in with our love for nature. (it’s a norm for couples to hold a wedding sit down banquet in hotels/restaurants in Singapore!)

And eventually, we decided on Amara Sanctuary in Sentosa. It has a beautiful glass pavilion where we were keen to hold our solemnisation and intimate enough for close friends and family to witness the sacred moment. And has a large and airy ballroom that could accommodate all our guests (the guest list just keeps growing!) for a luncheon to celebrate our day. It has a great resort feel to the entire property and tucked away in the midst of all the greenery and nature, it was perfect for us.

(Am hoping to post some of my photos, will do so once I get them from the photographer)

When choosing a theme, it’s important for the couple to sit down and discuss likes and dislikes. While it may sometimes be easy to identify, but the practicality will set in when thinking of execution. We both like travel but felt that it was hard to execute plus it didn’t necessarily work well with our venue. My fiance also felt that props when not done properly could be amatuerish or cliche. And so we narrowed it down to a colour theme. We found it useful to create a colour chart to match the colours we liked and with the colours that could be found at our location. Thus, the birth of Silver & Gold.

(my mood board)

Once the date, location and theme has been settled (at this point of time you would feel so glad as most of the major things are out of the way. Yippie!). And approximately 3 – 4 months before The Day, we felt it was most optimum to send out save the dates. It gives people ample time to rsvp so that we can also anticiapte the number of guest who could attend. If you have zero inspiration or rather buy a off the shelf design, Etsy could be your best friend. so many wonderful designs and easily customizable. But we are staying true to our DIY spirit! We chose something oriental that has no semblance to the silver & gold theming as we wanted to reserve that for our actual invite. Oriental is close to heart and signifies our roots.

Save Our Date (final2)

A sample of it before all the details were added in. 🙂


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