About me

Hello and welcome! My name is Adeline, a mom of one and an avid DIY dressmaker. I live in sunny Singapore, Asia and has way too many freckles on me for an Asian.

Born into a family of seamstresses I was always surrounded by fabrics, the sound of the sewing machine, running around in fabric stores when I was a kid and lots and lots of sewing talk and chat. I didn’t use to think that I’ll be passionate about sewing and never quite see it as a skill I should have.

I did also learn that life shouldn’t be all about work and climbing the corporate ladder and I knew that I needed a hobby to get away from all the stress in the city. So, I signed myself up for a dressmaking class and the rest they say is history. I’m encouraged to find fellow dressmakers who exhibit their talents and skills in their blogs and is excited to be part of this sewing circle. My hope is to inspire more people in Singapore to pick up sewing as this is a great way to build a totally exclusive and unique wardrobe.

In this blog, you’ll find..
Some of my thoughts and experiences as a wife and new mom. Mommahood is tough and hard work and like what they all say it does takes a village to raise a kid. So I hope through my stories, I can share my journey and encourage each other.

Sewing projects that I hope will inspire more DIY dressmakers so that we can form a community and learn from each other. I have a particular penchant for dresses and prints.Sewing tips, tips that I found to be useful to me. Good things are meant to be shared.DIY projects, may not necessarily be sewing related. I would love to celebrate and encourage the love for DIY items especially in this cosmopolitan city where most things can be brought.

Besides sewing, I love to travel the world with my husband, enjoy food and is a total TV buff.

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Thanks for reading and I’ll love to stay in touch and get acquainted with fellow dressmakers & moms so do leave me a comment or two. 🙂

1 thought on “About me

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