Happy 2014 friends! Here’s wishing everyone a fruitful and fulfilling 2014!

I have neglected this space for such a long time as I have been extremely busy with wedding preparations, a new job and the holiday season..

The year has indeed whizzed passed and December is always a great time for reflections and making resolutions. Some people may question the need to make resolutions since how often does everything gets completed, but I feel that without resolutions, we will probably not even get there. Don’t you think?

So for reflections, I am blessed and thankful for God’s grace and favor in everything that I do. For the fiance who have always been around in good and bad times, in happy and difficult times. For abundance of opportunities and experiences. And most importantly allowed me to further develop my sewing. From an amateur of not knowing how to draft a simple skirt to making dresses. If you remembered my 25 pcs of clothing goal at the start of the year, I admit I haven’t quite complete all my resolutions (I made 10 dresses) but I am glad I have started and I am almost there. It is nothing but a challenge and an achievement!

In 2014, I look forward to a new phase in life and hope to develop myself personally and in work. I intend to keep up with my 25 sewing items challenge (one day I will get there, one day…), I also intend to learn how to cook (because I am such a terrible cook now) and to stay fit and healthy. My biggest challenge would be to set aside time which I always complains that I have very little of as most of the time is devoted to work. So with all my resolutions, not compromising work, I’ll look forward to some work life balance. I do have big plans for the new year and I hope to see fruition of it. One step at a time, one step at a time. I will get there eventually…

So I hope you too have resolutions (be it big or small, as elaborate or simple) as a motivation to work towards your goals. At the end of the day, even if we do not complete what we set out to do or get a A at the end of the year, we know we have worked hard and it would have been fulfilling.

Look forward to more sewing projects and better dresses 🙂

Have a great start to 2014!

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