Wedding Planning (Part 5): Handmade Corsages & Boutonnieres


Most friends I know engaged their florist through the bridal studio who provides the bouquets and corsages for the wedding day. I deviated from that because the bridal studio quoted me something that was way above my budget. After much research, I’ve decided to make my own corsages & boutonnieres.

What you will need:


1)      Flowers – Stating the obvious :). The most important element. Mine was a mixture of baby breaths and the purple flower which I am kinda not sure if it is baby breath or a kind of perennial. If you are in Singapore, I got mine from Far East Flora @ Thomson. You can probably shop around at the stretch of shops along the street, I chose Far East because they had a cold room and all their flowers looked pretty fresh. Baby breaths have a long life span which was perfect for the task!

2)      A pair of trusty scissors

3)      Metal wires – You can get it from any craft shops/hardware store.  I got mine from Spotlight.

4)      Paper twine – I suppose you can substitute this with any kind of twine or even woody looking wire. Again, you can get it from any craft shops. My friend had a spare roll so I used hers. You can try Paper Market in Singapore.

5)      Netting/mesh – I just went to Spotlight and looked at the netting fabric and got half of metre of it in white to compliment the look I was going for.

6)      Ribbons – To tie it on the wrist of the girls, I would definitely recommend using a smaller width for the ribbons to create a dainty look. I got mine from Minton Ribbons in Arab Street. Fascinating shop that sells all types and colour of ribbons. They are usually closed on Sundays.

7)      Safety pins – For the boutonnieres as it has to be pinned on the Groom and Groomsmen’s jacket.  Choose the really tiny ones that are about 1 – 1.5 inch.

Now that you have got all the tools and things we need. Let’s get started on making them!

How to make:


Step 1: I first selected the proportion of flowers (the fullness, the ratio of purple & white flowers) I want in each bunch and snip off the excess stems. I wanted to have enough stem to coil the paper twine around it and to tie the ribbons on them. One way to gauge if the bunch is too big/small is to put it against your wrist.

Step 2: Next, to hold the stems in place and to have a sturdier corsage, I coiled the wire around the stems starting from the bottom up. Once I reached to the top, I left approx. half inch of wire sticking out before snipping the rest of the roll off. We will come to why that half inch will be important later on.

Step 3: To beautify the exterior of the corsage, I now coil the paper twine around the stems totally covering the wire starting from top to bottom. As the paper twine was sort of flimsy, I decided to go another round by coiling it from bottom to top.  That explains the top to bottom and bottom to top way of doing things so that I need not cut the roll twice in order to twine it around.

Step 4: Once it reaches back up, have about a quarter inch sticking out and snip the rest off. After that is done, to hold the paper twine in place without the need of a glue gun, neatly tuck the paper twine inside the rest of the twine with the help of the wire. The wire will help to secure it in place.

Step 5: Lastly, tie the ribbon on the mid-section of the stems, cut the tail of the ribbons in a v shape and you are ready to go.



Step 1: Alike the corsages, select the right proportion for this. The only thing I did differently was that because it was to be pinned on the jacket, I used a smaller bunch (less round) and have a little gradient (e.g. the purple flowers are sticking out more than the baby breaths)

Step 2: I then cut out a sort of oval shape using the netting, it has to be big enough to be held together with the stems.

The next 3 steps is alike Step 2, 3 & 4 for the corsages.

Step 6: Lastly, hold the small safety pins at the back of the stems at the mid-section before using the ribbons to tie a dead knot to fasten the pins to the back of the boutonnieres.


And Voila!

IMG_8061 IMG_8305



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