Sewing Muse – My Mom

My childhood vintage doll which my mom crochet the dress.

When I was crafting my thank you speech for the wedding, I thought long and hard about how I was going to describe my mom. The mom who cooks, sews, mend and kept our house spick and span? The disciplinarian during my rebellious teenage years? Or the fact that I’m so much like my mum that we sometimes get into disputes over the silliest things?

Supermom was what I ended up with.
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Wedding Planning (Part 5): Handmade Corsages & Boutonnieres


Most friends I know engaged their florist through the bridal studio who provides the bouquets and corsages for the wedding day. I deviated from that because the bridal studio quoted me something that was way above my budget. After much research, I’ve decided to make my own corsages & boutonnieres.

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Sew Over It Knickers Kit Sew-along Part 2

My energy is finally coming back! And that means it’s time to be productive! I have neglected sewing quite abit and can’t wait to jump right back into the bandwagon especially after spending many nights watching The Great British Sewing Bee. These constestants are such an inspiration. Even though Tamara didn’t win (I was rooting for her all way through), her dedication and creativity definitely did rub off on me.

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