Wedding Planning (Part 6): Wedding Floral at the Amara Sanctuary Glass Pavilion

The Amara Sanctuary Glass Pavilion

Floral is a big part of any wedding as it sets the mood and is the best decoration without it being tacky or dated. I have always thought that flowers are expensive with short life span and it’s totally not worth it to splurge on but boy was I wrong when it came to a wedding.

As part of floral decorations, Amara Sanctuary had 2 affiliated florist, both of which I had not heard of. Despite me being skeptical (like always), I’ve decided to make an appointment to have a chat with both floral designer anyway.

After visiting both SingSeeSoon and The Red Petals, I was convinced to go with SingSeeSoon. The floral designer I spoke to was Rechelle who was very helpful and patient with my many questions. She went through what was covered in the package and showed us samples including the different kind of flowers. When we couldn’t make up our mind, she provided advice on what she thought would and could work better. Unlike some other horror stories that’s I’ve heard from friends, who encountered pushy florist that tries all ways and means to get their customers to upgrade the package, Rechelle was never pushy with us.

She also gave us time to mull over our choices and gave us a deadline as to when we would require to go back to her if we do intend to engage their services. After bombarding her with many questions via email and much deliberation, we decided to go with minimal floral decorations in the glass pavilion to allow the lush greenery around the pavilion to do it’s magic. I mean after all, that’s the main reason why we chose the glass pavilion.

So in the end, we went with Lilac Mathiolas, Pink Eustomas and Ivory Roses.





In order for the flowers to remain fresh, the crew did all the setup in the morning before the ceremony hence I only had time to soak it all in after the wedding when looking at the photos. The day passed by in a blur and I was definitely was not looking out or marveling at the décor while walking down the aisle. But I must say I am definitely pleased with the end result.

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