All pictures credit to Pinterest

Argh! I’ve yet to finish what I’ve started a couple of weeks ago. I stopped worked on my shift dress because I ran out of black lining fabric for the skirt. I’ve finally had time to get it and now it’s sitting alongside my dress in the work room. I hope I’ll have some time to finish it before the year ends. Have been busy researching to complete a few DIY items (ie. Corsages, placeholders etc).


I’ve also been lusting over drop waist dresses, I think it can be flattering and elongate your body and will make anyone look seemingly taller. I think that’s what I need. I recall having a similar pattern lying somewhere and would love to have some time to dig it out and make myself one. Have been quite unwilling to buy it off the shelf because I know this can be a fun project.

While winter doesn’t mean anything to Singaporeans, perhaps only lots of rain. I’m planning to get away in Jan and it will be a great time to experience some winter and snow. Yippie! I’ve just gotten myself a pair of knee high boots and what better apparel to go with is a pair of faux leather leggings.


Am so looking forward to the holidays and Christmas is only a month away. I wonder what’s everyone sewing for party dresses on the blogsphere. Have a good week guys.

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