Gasp! Time Flies!


Meet the first and the latest

I can’t believe 1 month passed by so quickly and I hadn’t realized it has been a month since I last blogged. It seems like I have encountered a road block, a hiatus in the creative department.

Well, when was the last time I sewed something for myself? Hmm, the last time I sewed something was for my wedding photoshoot. It was an incredible experience, but was indeed tiring from smiling too much and from the sweltering outdoor heat. Besides prancing and posing around in my gown and the fiance in his suit, we took more casual shots than the formal ones. We wanted our wardrobe for the day to represent us and be memorable for us and that explains this polka dotted dress!


No. 10 The Wedding Photoshoot Dress

The Inspiration: Geeky and abit of a retro twist.

The Fabric: What can I say? A dress in 2 days means it has to be cotton. I have always liked polka dotted in everything and anything so it’s no surprise i’m drawn to this.

The Look:┬áSomething cute and fun for a really interesting outdoor shoot at one of our favourite eateries. I can’t wait to show off the pictures when the wedding is over! I probably made this from an existing pattern for the thousand time. But this time, I had lesser gathers so that the skirt doesn’t look overly poofy. I used an original pattern without any cut-in at the shoulder area as compared to the last dress I did. That one had a bigger arm hole and I didn’t have time to trail and error to alter it for it to fit better.

The Challenge: No matter how many times I’ve made this pattern, the challenge is always attaching the skirt to the torso and ensuring that the gathers are nicely attached.


I’m excited to show off the photos and is going to get busy with the wedding preps.

Have a good week ahead friends and I hope to get out of my hiatus and be inspired to sew more things!

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