10 sewing tools a beginner should have


Let’s talk about sewing tools a beginner should have in this part of the series.


#1 – I’ll really suggest an inexpensive sewing machine for someone who is starting out. A machine that can do simple stitches and zig-zag stitches is good enough.

#2 – A pair of fabric scissors. Nothing beats using a pair of scissors to get clean cuts and I prefer the fabric scissors to the rotary cutter. Oh, do remember not to cut paper using the fabric scissors or else the blades will become blunt.

#3 – Dressmaker’s carbon & tracing wheel. I usually trace a pattern onto the fabric before cutting the pieces out so that my pattern will stay intact for future use. Just incase I’ll have to size up or down.

#4 – Lots of pins

#5 – A long ruler. I use these ones that have plenty of markings on them and particularly like using the long ones because it’s just so much easier.

#6 – Tailor’s chalk or chalk pen depends on what you can find in your local shop. The objective is for the lines you have drawn to be able to be washed away.

#7 – A few bobbin cases

#8 – Steam Iron and Ironing board

#9 – Small scissors for loose threads or unpicking of seams. You can use the fabric scissors but I prefer a smaller scissor to trim about loose ends and threads.

#10 – And finally, a measuring tape

We can tackle sewing some garment next!

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