Balancing vs Juggling


Someone once told me that once I’m back to work from maternity leave, it’s all about balancing between work and home. It scares me just thinking about how I’m going to make work/family/life and everything else work once maternity leave ends next month. I hardly have time away by myself without feeling guilty for leaving S behind and am constantly having him by my side.

I’ll be honest that it can get tiring, but at the same time I’m finding these times being oh so precious. I simply can’t help myself staring at him all the time. It’s amazing how much love I can have for a person whom I’ve just gotten to know.

I don’t know how balancing is going to work having to divide my time equally among work/family/life. I believe there will be priorities and some aspects in my life may just have to be compromised. In fact, I think juggling is a better word. So I went to check it up (yes the geek in me) what it means to juggle and funny how apt the definition of juggle is.

According to, juggling is to keep several objects in continuous motion in the air simultaneously by tossing and catching.

Doesn’t that just sound like what’s going to happen? Juggling between work deadlines, chores at home, starting S on solids, moving into a new home etc etc without dropping any of these ‘objects’.

But I’m going to have to make it a point to learn and practice juggling once work starts.


Ask for help
Rather than having S enrolled in infant care, my mother-in-law have kindly offered to look after S while we are at work. My parents too have volunteered to help babysit whenever we need some time away, be it to run some errands or off for a date.

Prioritize time
Whether it’s bringing a salad to work or cook and freeze dinner once we move into our new home or even to split home chores between the mister and me. I’ll probably have to start thinking how to maximize time to make it more productive. I’ve already a few ideas up my mind.


Making time for the Mister
Admist just about everything in our lives, I’m going to make it a point not to neglect the mister. There should still be dates, communication and even surprises. It’s easy to neglect each other especially when we get so tired at the end of the day we hardly ever have time to chat anymore. And when we do, it often revolves around S.  We are always rushing from point A to point B but we should never forget to slow down, hold hands and take a stroll.

Find time for myself
This point is extremely important because it is definitely good for the soul and everything else if I take care of myself and becomes a happy camper. So I’m going to find time to visit the salon, have lunch with my girlfriends, go shopping and do my nails. While the mister looks after S, I’ve recently started taking 2 undisturbed hours to sew.

I might or might not succeed in finding a winning formula, but I’m still gonna try. 🙂

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