10 things to know about Pregnancy

IMG_4564No amount of books can truly prepare me for what’s to come in pregnancy. Just like that, 9 months whizzed past and it had been a pretty easy ride (Thank God!)

Now I attempt to look back and share the 10 things I wished I’ll have known. Oh but you know every pregnancy is different so I hope you just find this a good read. 🙂

#1 – I knew there was going to be water retention and that my feet were going to swell. But no one told me it’s going to get so big like a pig’s trotter.

#2 – I thank my lucky stars for good genes and for whatever reasons I didn’t have stretch marks. Woo hoo! The downside was that my tummy got really itchy.. like really itchy.

#3 – That I’ll start eating things I don’t used to like. In fact I started eating things that the mister likes and I was constantly hungry.

#4 – I’ve never stopped worrying.

#5 – There was food I knew I had to abstain from, but I didn’t know it was THAT many. No soft boiled eggs, no caffeine, no sashimi and the list goes on….

#6 – How I would have gotten used to needles. I used to be and am still scared of needles but pregnancy has gotten me to challenge this fear especially so when I was about to go into labour.

#7 – How time really fly past in the third trimester. I was really busy in the office during the third trimester, what with clearing all my work and doing handovers in view of my upcoming maternity leave and I was exhausted.

#8 – To really maximize the second trimester. It’s actually a perfect time to squeeze in more sewing!

#9 – Catch up on sleep because you will not have undisturbed sleep once baby arrives.

#10 – Be confident and trust your gut, especially so when I got advice/comments/feedback from everywhere, it can be tiring and scary just listening to them. It’s the best time to embrace the bump.


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