Uh oh!

This weekend was spent spring cleaning and clearing out old clothes to make space for new ones. I usually take a long time in cleaning out my closet as I always think for a long time before I decide to either chuck or donate something away. One of my new year resolution was to stop the habit of hoarding. Anything that has not been used for the last 6 months should go.


While clearing, I found this blouse chucked somewhere and wondered why I never did wear it and remembered it was a brand new top which was damaged when I accidentally ran a hot iron over. Urgh! What a waste! Especially so when I really liked the prints. Another trait of my hoarding, I actually kept it for over a year! So finally I decided I should either dissect it and cut out the pieces of fabric so it can be used in other ways, or I should just throw it away. Of course I’ll choose the former. 🙂


I haven’t quite thought about what can be done to the pieces but I am sure I will find something to do with.

On another note, what I’ve been reading?



Besides learning from fellow sewist in the blogsphere, I like reading a physical book and slowly go through various techniques which I have heard of but have no idea where to start. One of those technique is the French Seam. I’ve heard so much about it but have never really gotten round to trying it.

Back to reading…

Have a great week ahead friends..

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