Weekend Fun


Trekking in slippers!

Finally! 4 days of rest and catching up on sleep which was much needed for. There was no rush and we just took our time in doing things we wanted.

– Went for an evening jog

– A swim

– Conquering a tree top walk

– Meeting up with friends

– Dinner with Family

The Macritchie Tree Top Walk 


There is something so beautiful and interesting just immersing in nature and watching nature at work.

And on the sewing front..

Decided to take a break and did stock take on some unfinished projects and this included the Raglan sleeve dress which I almost forgot about. As you can tell, this is not quite finished yet. I’ve to sew the facing at the neckline and hem the skirt, thereafter a hot iron press and it should be completed!

ImageI’ve been told that the Raglan sleeve is a must learn for any sewist. The Raglan cut is usually what you find on a t-shirt the way the sleeves are attached to the body.

ImageNow it’s time to enjoy what’s left of the weekend and prepare for a long week at work ahead. I ought to go and prepare for my lunch tomorrow which consist of a healthy salad 🙂

Happy sewing my friends! What’s on your sewing table?

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