Fairy godmother has her own billboard too 🙂

The thing I enjoy most about attending a sewing class is the like-minded friends I made and the inspiration/motivation I get from being in a room full of passionate individuals. I enjoy speaking and hearing about each other’s stories, from the students studying in fashion school to the homemakers sewing for their little ones. It’s always a joy being around them and being in a community of sewers. There’s much to learn and much to laugh about hence no matter how tired I get from the office, I try to make it for such sessions. Do you have a regular sewing group you goes to?


ImageThere’s always room for improvements, there’s always a yearning for perfection. While I ain’t the best sewist in town, I try to learn as much as I go along. The jacket I am sewing in class is finally about done but I can see plenty of inconsistency with my blind stitch which needs much work on.

ImageOne hard press and hand stitch blind stitch and pick stitch. Almost done!


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