10 things about Post-Partum


I’ve cultivated a habit of journaling throughout pregnancy as it allows me to record down all my joy/worries/fear/things I would like to tell baby S in the years to come. It is pretty awesome to re-read some of these entries and marveled at how everything turns out.

There was 1 particular entry that I wrote 8 days into post-partum, at which point I must be going through an emotional roller-coaster. The high and lows mashed up into one and I blame the hormones for wrecking havoc. It was also around the same time as I was leaking top and bottom. How uncomfortable!

Tried and tested, I live to tell the tale. Here’s what I gathered 8 days into post-partum:

10 things to note about post-partum (I survived!)

#1 – The Chinese concept of confinement (meaning no washing of hair for a week, or plenty of ginger and vinegar in this sweltering heat) is torturous! Frankly, I’m not sure if I have the will power to go through this again. Maybe I’ll just skip the no washing of hair policy.

#2 – Get more rest. Okay, this is the important one. Even though I want to be spending all my time just staring at the little bub and marvel at how he has arrived in this world, the most important thing to do immediately is to have plenty of rest. Because frequent late night feedings are no joke.

#3 – Note to self: Don’t bottle up feelings. Speak to someone, anyone. Or have a good cry. This feeling of helplessness, of new adjustment will pass.

#4 – I need to remind myself to enjoy this time of bonding with baby S. 4 months is going to zoom by faster than I say Happy 4 months old baby S! I should and can take my time to face the S.

#5 – Eat healthy and drink lots of water.

#6 – Dress comfortably. There is no hurry to fit into my favourite pair of skinny jeans though I’m a little depress that I might never be able to fit in it again. Nursing bras are a savior, totally fuss free and easy. Note to self: Get more of them.

#7 – Babies do cry and will cry. Take a deep breath, go for a walk, it will pass and things will get better.

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