Bebe Buying Guide: In My Runaway Bag


I didn’t have a birth plan… yea I really didn’t. You see, I’m actually quite a control freak so this comes to me as a surprise for not having one. I’ve read so much about the importance of drafting one and how it was useful and all. But after discussing it with the mister, we had this serenity and peace within us that we decided to do without one. I just wanted to go with the flow and have faith and trust in God.

But what I did plan ahead was what I was going to pack in my ‘runaway’ bag to be brought along with me to the hospital. I didn’t know what to expect so I wanted to be prepared yet not overly zealous about it.

So I hope that by creating this list, I can share what I thought was useful with fellow mommies-to-be out there. 🙂

  1. A set of comfortable clothes to leave hospital in. I basically just brought along this super comfy maxi dress that well served its’ purpose throughout my entire pregnancy.
  2. Toiletries (e.g. comb, toothbrush etc) I didn’t know if the hospital was going to provide any so I brought mine along anyways. As I had a C-section, it wasn’t comfortable for me to walk around much less have a full on shower. What I did manage to do was to wash up, comb my hair and brush my teeth. Felt so much fresher after that!
  3. A pair of bedroom slippers to walk around the ward and the hospital. Like I said, I didn’t get to walk around much but It was still nice to have a pair of slippers to keep my feet all warm and snuggly when I had to visit the bathroom or when I collected baby S at the nursery.
  4. A set of Pajamas. I didn’t even get to use this at all because I basically just relied on the gown that the hospital provided. But I brought it along just in case I think I’ll feel more comfortable in my own PJs.
  5. Maxi Pads for dealing with lochia of course. The hospital I went provided this but I really wanted to be safe just incase they didn’t provide.
  6. Disposal underwear. Ahh, this was 1 thing that was really useful. Fuss free that kept everything all clean and tidy J
  7. Nursing bra.

And for baby S, this was what I brought along with me to leave the hospital in. Everything else was provided by the hospital during our stay. 🙂

  1. A swaddle for wrapping and keeping my little puff all warm and squishy.
  2. A set of clothing that includes a onesie, mittens and booties and a cap.

I gave birth to baby S at Gleneagles as my gynae’s clinic was situated in the medical centre. We didn’t even go on any other ward tours prior to me giving birth as we didn’t see a need to and were very comfortable at Gleneagles. It was also more convenient for my gynae if I were to deliver in Gleneagles. I’m just glad we made that choice because the nurses that we encountered were all very friendly and helpful.

This all feels very surreal as I think about it..

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