Hello 2015!


Happy New Year friends.

2014 has been a year of change. There were many times I wanted to throw the towel in and raise the white flag; it has certainly been overwhelming at times. But it has also been a year of new beginnings and all sorts of awesomeness. I became a wife and a mom. 2014 is going to be pretty hard to top.

After spending some years in a cube at the office, I sort of felt like I lost the creativity in me. I wanted a creative outlet and also to re-learn a skill that I’ve started when I was younger but forsaken as I grew older. It would be a place where I can document my journey and that sparked the birth of Adesays.

Adesays really grew in 2014; I spent more time writing and documenting key milestones in my life. I really appreciate all the kind words for my Wedding Planning series and am glad you guys enjoyed it.

So what’s in for Adesays in 2015?

Being a new mom is certainly daunting, there are 1000001 things for me to learn and worry about. At the same time, it’s also a joy to see S meeting these milestones (like his first toothless grin or his first haircut). And these are experiences and stories I’ll love to share and have it recorded. I hope you will like reading them too.

Besides having more personal anecdotes, Adesays will continue to embrace the DIY spirit and I’m going to continue to share about sewing, crafting and all things DIY. This year I am going to look to having more quality sews and to also think about sewing more basics. I’m also bursting with ideas on things to sew for S.

So I hope you will continue to join me as Adesays evolves and here’s to another fulfilling year.

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