Beginner’s Pattern: The A Line Skirt

Front_ViewLike most beginners, the first garment that I made was the A line skirt. This is also the first garment I’ve learnt to draft without the need to use ready patterns.

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Balancing vs Juggling


Someone once told me that once I’m back to work from maternity leave, it’s all about balancing between work and home. It scares me just thinking about how I’m going to make work/family/life and everything else work once maternity leave ends next month. I hardly have time away by myself without feeling guilty for leaving S behind and am constantly having him by my side.
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Sewing Fears of a Beginner

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I first started learning sewing on my mother’s sewing machine and as a beginner, I had plenty of fears. No doubt sewing brought me much joy as I look back at all the things I’ve made but I also remembered how daunting it was when I first started out.

This has prompted me to start this little series as we tackle beginner sewing.

So by writing this series, I’ll like to encourage fellow beginner sewing friends that while the start can be daunting, it is a process and a journey worth embarking on.
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