Around the world fabric: London (Part 3)


The weather in Singapore has been rather nasty the last couple of weeks. It has been really hot and humid with downpour on certain days. Is this how it’s supposed to be like transiting from summer to autumn? More people are definitely falling sick especially when the virus goes around in the office. I’ve developed a cough too which I’m hoping will go away soon. With junior on the way, I’m going natural without any medication (ok, I cheated, I had some mild Chinese herbs).

I am so over the heat and humidity already.

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Around the world fabric – London (Part 2)


The mister and me absolutely love to travel. We typically try to squeeze in 2 travel destinations per year and balance between 1 long holiday and 1 shorter getaway. We enjoy the adventures each trip brings us and how a simple resort-y holiday (a trip to Bali or Krabi) can totally rejuvenate us. As we are expecting a little one, this year brings much challenge to our travel itinerary and looks like travel will just have to take a backseat for now.

Reminiscing places we’ve been as a couple is just as fun. Isn’t it?

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