Starting Solids: Spoon Feeding vs Baby Led Weaning


Just earlier this week the mister and I visited our friend who just delivered and it brought back so many fond memories of baby S for us. We couldn’t believe how time has gone by so fast that he is now almost 6 months old. We definitely miss the helpless little baby who is always fast asleep.

Recently, baby S has taken a liking to watch us eat. But whenever we do, he will not fail to imitate our mouth movements and stare at our food alluringly. So we were thinking, it might be time to start him on solids given his enthusiasm. We thought about it for awhile, deliberating whether to start him earlier than 6 months or not. We thought that 4 months may be too early, his digestive system may not be ready and 8 months will be too late. So 6 months shall be!

I’m excited to start him on solids so that he can start to explore various flavors and textures together. And when I shared this with a momma friend, her question was if I’ll use the spoon feeding method or baby led weaning method. Being a new momma, I knew of no other way to feed a baby other than the traditional spoon feeding method. So I decided to do a little research as to what baby led weaning is all about.

What is baby led weaning?

It is a method whereby food is not pureed and fed using a spoon. Rather, it is for babies to explore and letting them feed themselves. Food will not be mushy but of course it must be suitably sized.

What are the benefits?

Babies have a good time exploring, they may start mimicking their older siblings or simply, you may not need to spend hours trying to spoon feed your baby.

Will my baby choke on the food?

Of course your kiddo is not going to get a slab of steak and chew at it. They should get bite sized soft finger food (no apple slices please).

So am I going to use the baby led weaning method?

Being the nerdy me, after all the research I’ve made I’ve decided to stick to the most traditional way of spoon feeding. I think it’s really a personal preference. As Asians, I’m used to brown rice cereal, porridge, mashed up fish etc etc and it will be so much easier to introduce these food using the spoon feeding method than that of baby led so the decision was quite straight forward for us.

I’m already dreaming up recipes of food I’ll prepare and puree. For now, I’m off to finding out if I’ll need a blender/food processor.


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