Junior turns 5 months


My little puff turns 5 months old!

The past month basically just zoom past, faster than I can say “omg! I can’t believe my little puff has grown so much since he was a baby”. And that’s exactly how I feel. Just the other night, I was just looking at a collage his grandma did for him when he turned 1 month and marveled at how much his looks have changed. We are starting to see some of his personality comes to play. A happy baby when he is full and well rested, not so happy after a long afternoon out with his parents looking at furniture. He absolutely adores bath time and we often find him babbling to himself. Sometimes he laughs at the silliest things and yet other times he enjoys being all quiet.

It’s really interesting getting to know this little person. Besides documenting his key milestones (he grew his first tooth!!) in these monthly posts (read about month 4 here), I do want to share about general things like how much milk he is getting etc. These are questions that I constantly ask myself and answers I always look to finding on the internet. I hope by doing, I’m able to share my experience with other mommies wondering about the same questions. 🙂


How much milk is he drinking each day?
Approx 7 times a day at about 140ml each feed. I’m still trying to figure out what is the optimum intake. But plenty of trial and error I’ll say.

Is baby S on formula or breast milk?
Ahh the topic of breast milk! I’m going to be writing a separate post on this topic. But currently, he is on a mix of expressed breast milk and formula, though I’ll say the percentage is skewed towards formula milk.

Does he sleep through the night?
Oooh.. this is a controversial question because apparently everyone has their own views. I’ll just say he goes to bed at about 9 every night. Sometimes he wakes and has a feed at 3am and sometimes he doesn’t and wakes only at about 5am. I’ll feed him whenever he seems hungry because I mean some days you are just hungrier than others right?

What are his key milestones for month 5?
So.. he has learnt how to turn onto his tummy and back. This means that I can’t leave him on the bed unattended anymore. Did I already mention that he grew his first tooth on the bottom gum? Lots of drooling and being uncomfortable during teething but apparently he doesn’t really appreciate all these teething rings I’ve gotten him. Bibs are my best friend this month. He has also starting appreciating toys and tries to grab onto stuff (especially my hair). His neck is also getting stronger but still can’t sit yet.

What’s new with mommy?
I won’t lie, I’m exhausted. I’m tired from all the travelling everyday and missing him a whole lot while I’m at work. Thank god for mother in law who sends me updates and photos every now and then. But leaving him every morning is the hardest! I’ll have to kiss him a gazillion times and smell him 100000000 times before I am ready to say my goodbyes and leave. I’ve started practicing being all happy and chirpy when I say my goodbyes, I think it helps with separation anxiety in him too knowing that mommy will be back before he says “momma.. where are you?!!?!” But apart from that, it is sometimes good to be able to do my own things in the day when he is away from me. I’m planning to head right back into sewing again and already I have a few projects in mind!

I’m looking forward to month 6 because looks like we might be exploring solid food with him. I’ll be starting a series soon about our journey on solids, I hope you’ll enjoy reading about it soon.

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