Happy Chinese New Year


Happy Lunar New Year and baby S turns 4 months!


We celebrated Chinese New Year here in Singapore last weekend. It was filled with visitations, stuffing ourselves silly with goodies, collecting ‘Ang Baos’ (red packets) and ‘Lao Yu Sheng’ (a tradition of tossing vegetables and raw fish together with various sauces in a dish for good luck and good fortune) I even managed to sneak in some baking time and made some pineapple tarts.


Anyone interested in the recipe, let me know!

What I didn’t manage to do was sew some new dresses for the festivities like what I usually do. I really wanted to make a new cheongsam this year and even had the pattern drafted and cut. But I simply didn’t have time off from momma-hood to spend a few hours infront of the sewing machine. I’m usually exhausted at the end of the day and I just want to crash.

On other news, baby S also turns 4 months over the past weekend. How time flies! We finally settled into a comfortable routine and gotten to know each other a lot more over the past 4 months. Momma-hood is hard work! It’s a full time job with no knocking off and perpetually working over-time. But it is also rewarding at the same time seeing him learn new skills and practicing them over and over. Like how he surprise us by suddenly being able flip all by himself being unassisted or how we woke up one morning and realized he slept through the night without needing a night feed.

There were also difficult moments like going through his first fever and cold. How it broke my heart seeing him wake frightfully from a bad cough and being all fussy. Or how he got all cranky after being overwhelmed and over stimulated from many visiting guests.

We are now on to a new routine as maternity leave ends for me and I’m back to work. I’m dealing with separation anxiety (more than baby S I’m sure) and missing him everyday I’m in the office. So friends, if you have any tips to combat separation anxiety, I’m all ears!

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