My very own Margot Pyjamas pants


Margot Pajamas from Tilly and the button’s Love at First Stitch book

The last couple of weeks before I was due have been really tiring for me especially when work continues to get really hectic. So I decided to go on maternity leave ahead of my due date and felt so much more recharged. I spent the days with some packing, pre-washing all the milk bottles, storage bottles and even managed to sneak in some sewing time.

As I prepare my wardrobe for postpartum and confinement where I am suppose to be spending an entire month recuperating, I knew I needed some loose fitting pants and tees to get me through. Chinese have this concept of confinement after delivery where there is a strict diet of lots of sesame oil, vinegar and ginger. Besides that, one must bathe in hot herbal water. All these are done as it is believe that delivering a baby weaken the body, so it is important to guard the body against excessive “wind” and there is a need to nurse the body back with all the tonic. Seriously, I can’t wait for the confinement period to be over as it can be quite torturous in this sweltering heat!!

I’ve side-tracked, but the point is I needed more pajamas pants and I made the Margot Pajamas pants following the instructions in Love at first Stitch (you can read about my review here) by Tilly.


Fabric choice: Japanese cotton that was going off at a sale at my local fabric store. I bought it because I really liked the prints but I didn’t know what I was going to do with it. I can’t quite remember but I suspect this might be part of the Moda fabric range.

The Look: I made mine in size 8 as I wasn’t sure how fast I was going to regain those pre-pregnancy waist. Looks like I can actually make it smaller which I would the next time around. Tilly suggested using ribbons for the drawstrings, I contemplated that but couldn’t find any nice trims that will go with it in my stash so I made a matching drawstring instead.



This is a really fun and easy to make project. I might consider not serging the 2 pieces of fabric together but individually like how I am used to next time around though. I will use a different material for my next Margot Pajamas pants. Perhaps some satin?

More pajamas pants coming up…

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