Handmade Baby Swaddle

After spending nine months in the womb, we try to get baby to be accustomed to the outside world and this is why swaddles are so important.

Swaddling is to snugly wrap baby in a baby blanket during the first few weeks of birth to give him/her security and warmth. Besides keeping baby warm and toasty, by swaddling baby, we can also keep him/her from being disturbed by his/her own startle reflex.
With that in mind, I was on a mission to find a great swaddle. Mothercare in Singapore offers a range of swaddles in different brands but I found the Aiden + Anais muslin bamboo swaddle to be the best. There were great reviews about it and seriously, it is so so so soft I felt like it could just melt in my hands. But a pack of 3 is costly and among other things we have to get I only brought 1 pack in the most natural bamboo colour.
I was worried a pack of 3 might not be sufficient as it could well double up as a blankie on warmer days or day out. So I was on the hunt again to see if this time, I could make something like that! My research paid off as I realized cotton guaze works the same way too and a trip to my local store (if you like to know where to shop for fabric in Singapore, here’s the link) saw me bagging home 2 extremely adorable Japanese cotton guaze. It is soft to the touch and very breathable which makes it great for sunny weather, not forgetting the cuteness in the prints.
This is extremely easy to make and I suppose when my little bub outgrows the swaddle, I can easily turn it into something else. A little onesie perhaps?
Fabric choice: 1 metre each of cotton gauze. I didn’t pre-wash this as I am just using 1 layer. And I washed it after all the sewing is done.
What you would need:
1) A pair of scissors for cloth/pinking shears/rotary cutter
2) Ruler
3) Serger/Overlocker (if you don’t have a serger, your sewing machine is fine as well)



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