Linen Jacket


A jacket is by far my most ambitious make.

Even though we are not heading towards fall in Singapore and the weather is not easing up to be any cooler yet. The last quarter of the year is still by far my most favourite season in the entire year. I’m hoping that rain comes sooner so that the weather can turn cooler which I am then able to wear this jacket of mine.

The Fabric: I decided to use a stronger fabric like linen. While I am aware it creases easily, linen is generally quite cool to the touch and a very breathable material. I also wanted a colour that was bright and cheery rather than making a typical black or grey jacket.


The Look: The pattern was self drafted and I learnt it when I attended class at Kadomay. It is a structured long sleeved jacket with inner lining.


The Challenge: Getting the sleeve to match up with the rest of the jacket was my challenge. I am still not very good when it comes to sleeves.


Overall, I can see myself wearing this in the office paired with a simple tank or a pencil skirt.


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