Ooh.. He’s here!


So there has been some radio silence on my blog and that’s because I have been kept busy looking after my little bub who have finally arrived safely into our arms.

It felt like yesterday that we were at the doctor’s clinic listening to baby’s heart beat and looking at him for the first time through an ultra-scan. And fast forward 9 months later, we have him in our arms. The whole birthing experience has been so surreal and it definitely wasn’t what I expected it to be. It was a very emotional experience and one that is totally indescribable.

I knew I needed to wind down from work and spend some time getting ready at home, so I started my maternity leave earlier than my due date. Those days proves to be great for me as I managed to squeeze in some sewing while packing and making sure the nursery is all packed and equipped with necessities. I was also waiting patiently for either my water bag to break or for the contractions to kick in but nothing came. So you can imagine my anxiety! After discussing with the doctor, I decided to go for an Elective Cesarean which allows the mister to be in the operating theater with me and I’ll be awake to welcome our little one. Boy, was that an experience (I would spare you the details though).

My 2 favourite boys

Another milestone.. on to another phase in life.


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