Handmade Baby’s Blanket

The mister insisted that I make a little baby blankie for our little bub. He feels that it is essential in every kiddo’s childhood, something precious, and something handmade that grows up with you. Just like grandma’s quilted blanket or pillow when we were young.

Isn’t the Peter Rabbit cute? My dear mister almost tricked me into getting the one with the Star-Wars print. Ok, that can actually be quite cool too.

So today I am going to show you how to make this fairly simple blanket.
Fabric choice: 1 metre of cotton for the top and 1 metre of flannel for the bottom in matching colours. Flannel can be quite warm so by mixing cotton and flannel, I’ll get a good balance of keeping warm yet not overly warm for my little bub. I’ll strongly suggest pre-washing both the fabric as different fabrics tends to shrink differently.
What you would need:
1) A pair of scissors for cloth/pinking shears/rotary cutter
2) Ruler
3) Tailor’s chalk or washable pen
4) Tailor’s pins
5) Sewing machine and matching threads

When that was done, I washed it briefly again and I now have a cute blankie for my little one to cuddle in.

I’m not sure if you enjoy such tutorials as much as I do, so do let me know!

Happy sewing!

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