Sewing Muse – My Mom

My childhood vintage doll which my mom crochet the dress.

When I was crafting my thank you speech for the wedding, I thought long and hard about how I was going to describe my mom. The mom who cooks, sews, mend and kept our house spick and span? The disciplinarian during my rebellious teenage years? Or the fact that I’m so much like my mum that we sometimes get into disputes over the silliest things?

Supermom was what I ended up with.

To me, my mom is like my role model. I marveled at the fact that she can juggle work, home, hobbies and spending time with the family so well. She learnt how to cook and sew during her teenage years and never stopped since then. She is also one independent lady whom I admire so much. As I was growing up, she is always emphasizing that I give the best in all that I do and often nag at me for being hasty and not putting my heart in all that I do. I often wonder why she was so hard on me and that I can never be a perfectionist like her! But as I got older and wiser (I hope), I finally understood her teachings and regret that I didn’t take her words as serious as I should have when I was younger. I guess this is what it meant when people says mom knows best!
She crocheted this cute little vest that I still treasure to this day.

She is also the one that taught me how to cross-stitch, to crochet and also to sew. I remembered that one time when she told me to unpick a row of stitches I was working on because it looked messy; I kicked up such a big fuss and threw a huge tantrum. Till this day, she would sometimes bring it up just to torment me but it’s actually quite funny looking back at it now.

When I was a kid I used to badger her to sew dresses for my Barbie dolls, as I grew older I traded Barbie dresses for dresses for myself, whether it was for casual wear or prom. I use to take that for granted but in actual fact I’m really proud to have a mom like her. I used to enjoy rummaging through her fabric stash and all her bits & bobs and watch her sitting in-front of the sewing machine for hours.


At the start of every year, she never fails to plan and put together a small collection to wear for the new year. I’m not sure if I’ve manage to inherit that passion of sewing from her yet but one day.. one day I’ll get there…

My mom is also my best friend, one whom I know I can share anything with.

Do you have a sewing muse? I’ll love to hear more..

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