Where to buy Fabric in Singapore

Chinatown, Singapore

I have been inspired recently and am bubbling with project ideas which I knew I just had to get my hands down to making them. So I made a trip to my usual haunt to purchase the necessary items I needed for my projects.

Oh, and I do realized that while I do talk about fabric places I visit when I am overseas, I haven’t really talked about the places to go to in Singapore!

So, this is a great opportunity for me to share some of the places I usually patronize. For today, let’s just start with Chinatown.

Where: People’s Park Centre, Upper Cross Street
How to get there: Take the north-east line on the MRT (our train system) and alight at the Chinatown station. Once you get out of the station, a 2 mins walk will get you to People’s Park Centre.
Opening hours: Some shops typically open for business in the afternoons so I’ll recommend anytime between 1pm to 6pm from Mondays to Saturdays.

It’s an entire building of various shops ranging from boutique cloth shops, haberdashery shops to clothes shops.

Some of my favourite shops:



Maggie textiles is where I go to whenever I want to browse and see if I can purchase anything for a project. They have a wide range of fabric in all kinds of colours and prints. For someone who enjoys cotton, it’s a great place to be snooping around.


Ahh.. Malin has the prettiest Japanese cotton. They mainly bring in Japanese cottons and anyone who adores Japanese cotton will marvel at how ‘Kawaii’ they all look.


A quick go to for zips, ribbons and bias tape. This haberdashery has all basic stuff a sewist needs.

Linking to People’s Park Centre is the People’s Park Complex. Have a bowl of hot dessert at the ‘Tong Shui shop’ (dessert shop) while you are there..


They used to only sell haberdashery but have expanded to carry printed cloth as well sighting brands like Moda etc. I really enjoy browsing around even though I have nothing in mind to get, but as always I usually don’t leave with empty hands.

In the same building, adjacent to the ‘Tong Shui’ shop is Golden Dragon (sadly I didn’t manage to get a photo). For knitting/crocheting fanatics, this is the place to go to. They have all kinds of yarns and apparatus and even pattern books that will get you all excited and wanting to jump right into the knitting/crochet world.

So there you have it, my complied list of fabric places in Chinatown. There are a couple of other places I do go to in Singapore, shall leave that for another post.

Happy Shopping!

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