Raglan Sleeve

As I’m inching towards the end of my pregnancy, finding time to sew has truly been difficult.

But I simply cannot wait to meet with Junior soon!

In my opinion, the third trimester has been much harder than the first probably because while I had the occasional nausea, I was pretty much free from any morning sickness (thank God!). The third however was a period of swollen feet, extreme tiredness, panting as I walk more than 10 steps (stairs at this point is not my best friend) and the occasional insomnia. Time fly by faster than the previous 2 trimester though!

While I cringed at the thought of the labour process, I am excited and am telling myself it’s all going to be worth it!

So as you can tell, with all that is happening PLUS prepping baby stuff AND wrapping up things at my full time job before heading off for maternity leave, there is hardly any time for sewing.

Right about this time last year, I posted about my Raglan Sleeve Dress. Can you believe it, a year has just passed and I’m embarrass to admit that I’ve been such a procrastinator! But.. I’ve finally managed to complete it! Yay! Better late than never, isn’t it? While I am not going to be able to fit into this any time soon, it’s liberating to know that I’ve finished yet another un-finished project and this will give me the motivation that I’ll one day be able to fit into it.


Let’s talk abit about the dress..

The Fabric: Finally, it’s not cotton. This time round, I’m using a light-weight chiffon for the first layer and silk lining underneath it.

The Look: This is the first time I’ve sewn on a raglan sleeve and I quite liked it actually because it is easy to assemble. The skirt is joined at the waist to give it slightly more flare with a little swish as I walk. You would also realize there is gathers at the front to liven things up with a back zipper.

The Challenge: I didn’t think the gathers at the front of the dress was very well executed. It would have looked better if the gathers were more defined and obvious. But I’m going to let this slide now and not unpick. Telling myself I’ll do better in my next one.

Raglan-sleeve Raglan-front-view

I’m hoping to complete more projects before the year end and squeeze in some sewing time.

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