Book Review: Love At First Stitch


Demystifying Dressmaking

It’s the F1 weekend in Singapore, while I don’t necessarily follow closely on every F1 race, it’s certainly an exhilarating weekend here! The race happening right in the heart of our city centre with the view of our entire skyline. Go team Redbull!


On another note, let’s have a chat about Love at First Stitch which I’ve finished reading.

Tilly, one of my favourite blogger has just launched her book. She is such an inspiration and I absolutely adore her style and the clothes that she makes. She is such a lovely lady and ever so friendly.

So you can imagine my excitement when I placed an order for her book, couldn’t wait for it to arrive in the mail.


Let’s discuss about the book, shall we?  What struck me are the beautiful graphics and vibrant colours. It’s like unravelling a bag of skittles and wondering what colours would be next. It is a relatively thick book and has about 20 different projects at different difficulty level. It aims to help readers scale up in terms of difficulty starting with the easiest project which is a Brigitte scarf. She also included paper patterns for the various projects so that readers may feel less daunting and need not draft a pattern from scratch.


It provides all the necessary tools as well as fabric suggestions and what I thought was really useful was recommendations on the fabric layout. This is extremely crucial especially for new diy dressmakers. And this is also one of those things that you hardly get to see in any other books.


Besides that, I really enjoyed reading the “Make it a Lifestyle” section where Tilly provides tips on how having this skill can value-add in our everyday life. I definitely agree that having a skill like that is something to be proud of and can be used during our everyday life.


After all the reading, it is now time for me to start sewing right from the beginning and follow through on all the projects. Let’s see how that will turn out. 🙂

Just a note of disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, all comments and views are solely my thoughts after having read this book. 

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