This is by far the piece that requires most attention; especially that collar.

Initially I wanted this sewn for this year’s Chinese New Year which was in February, I started work on it but then work got hectic as I had a change in job and anyways we were heading off to Europe for our honeymoon so this took a backseat and was chucked into some dark gloomy corner.

Fast forward 6 months later, I suddenly remembered my half done Cheong Sam and hence rescued it from the dark gloomy corner and decided I should just finish it. One of my resolutions at the start of the year was to finish any unfinished projects.


The Fabric: Japanese cotton in flower prints.
Japanese cotton are extremely pretty and from what I observe, they are usually in really alluring colours or flowery prints.

The Look: Not the most traditional Cheongsam. This has 2 darts in the front and a back zip with side slits on both sides. In an authentic Cheongsam, you wouldn’t be able to find any zips. The curve you see from the collar to the side would be totally functional fasten with buttons and that would be how you get dress in a Cheongsam (through that opening there).

Chongsam-front Side-Slit

The Challenge: It has been rather challenging recently to find time to sew. I find it difficult to sew on weekdays especially after a demanding day at work. I usually try to squeeze in time to sew on weekends but it has been pretty tough recently with the number of errands to run and a baby on the way. 🙂 (which explains why I hadn’t been able to strut around in my sews recently)

From the technical front, the bias binding was the hardest because the width has to be exactly the same and that everything had to match up! There were also a number of hand-stitching required at the collar, while you can’t see it here, my hand-stitching skill is not something I am extremely proud of. I think I can definitely do with more practice.

Front-collar Back-Collar Bias
I doubt I’ll be able to fit in this Cheongsam during the next Chinese New Year which is such a pity. But having known I’ve completed this gives me great pleasure.

Achievement unlocked!

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