Around the world fabric: London (Part 3)


The weather in Singapore has been rather nasty the last couple of weeks. It has been really hot and humid with downpour on certain days. Is this how it’s supposed to be like transiting from summer to autumn? More people are definitely falling sick especially when the virus goes around in the office. I’ve developed a cough too which I’m hoping will go away soon. With junior on the way, I’m going natural without any medication (ok, I cheated, I had some mild Chinese herbs).

I am so over the heat and humidity already.

On to something more fun, in this final installment of fabric places in London, we are going to visit Ray-Stitch!



Ray Stitch Haberdashery Shop
99 Essex Road, London N1 2SJ
Opening hours: Tuesday – Saturday 9am to 6.30pm, Sunday – 11am to 5pm
How to get there: A short walk from Angel Underground station

What struck me was all the haberdashery the store has to offer, from fabric to buttons to ribbons, threads, sewing patterns, sewing books etc etc. Somehow there is a modern yet vintage feel to this place and I was totally enthralled with the display like a kid in a candy shop.



Classes and workshops ranging from beginners to intermediate classes are held at the basement of the shop. Complimentary drinks and snacks are provided at all the classes and there are also machines available for hire at a small fee. I managed to take a sneak peak while a class was underway.


oops, please pardon the blur-ness of this photo. Was trying to take a quick photo yet be really discreet about.



Ray-Stitch has a wide array of Japanese Cotton with really interesting and vibrant prints. Knowing that I’m a huge cotton fan; I couldn’t bear to walk away without getting a piece, can I? Prices are at approx $10 pounds for half metre at 110cm wide.



Looking back, I really enjoyed London and I think the Mister did too. The biggest takeaway for me each time I goes on a fabric hunt is the amazement of what I can find in these places and also how each shop owner display their wares. I have a feeling this fabric collecting mindset of mine is going to stay.

So there, I hope you have enjoyed my fabric hunts in London. There are definitely other shops in London that is worth a visit, feel free to share them with me as I’ll love to visit London again (hopefully soon)!

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