Around the world fabric – London (Part 2)


The mister and me absolutely love to travel. We typically try to squeeze in 2 travel destinations per year and balance between 1 long holiday and 1 shorter getaway. We enjoy the adventures each trip brings us and how a simple resort-y holiday (a trip to Bali or Krabi) can totally rejuvenate us. As we are expecting a little one, this year brings much challenge to our travel itinerary and looks like travel will just have to take a backseat for now.

Reminiscing places we’ve been as a couple is just as fun. Isn’t it?

In my last post on London, we visited Sew Over it. Today, let’s hop over Cloth House.

Before we do that, I just want to say I had the most amazing time at the Victoria and Albert Museum. We were out exploring the city and literally stumbled upon this museum and decided to venture inside to see what it has to offer. The museum holds the most comprehensive collection of dresses that I’ve ever seen spanning from 17th century gowns right up to 21st century’s fashion. It is so exciting to just be there and soak in the evolution of fashion from century to century. Anyone who is a fashion buff should definitely pay a visit to the V&A when in London.

Can’t help but to wonder what went through the designers’ minds when creating each piece and what are some of the stories and emotions of the women who eventually don themselves in them. If they are still around at this age and time, would they have frown at our 21st century fashion? Culottes anyone?

Fashion-Museum2 Fashion-Museum3 Fashion-Museum4 Fashion-Museum5 Fashion-Museum1

Cromwell Road, London SW7 2RL
Opening Hours: 10am – 5.45pm daily, 10am – 10pm on Fridays
How to get there: 5 minutes walk from the nearest tube station – South Kensington

Cloth House

Cloth House
Source: Credits to

Tucked in Soho which is another favourite area of mine, you will find Cloth House in 2 separate shops on Berwick street.

No. 47 Berwick Street, London WIF 8SJ
No. 98 Berwick Street, London W1F 0QJ
Opening hours: Mon – Fri (9.30am to 6pm), Sat (10.30am to 6pm). Basement closes at 5.30pm on all days.
How to get there: Nearest tube would be Oxford Circus/Tottenham Court

Cloth house was established in 1984 and has a wide array of fabric to choose from. You can expect to find Cotton to Denim to felt to jersey and woven wools. Recently I’ve taken a liking to Neoprene fabric which can also be found here. The quaint interior and vintage feel of the shop is a real treat to the eyes. While I didn’t get anything because the prices are pretty steep here, it’s definitely worth a browse.

IMG_4229 IMG_4230

There are also other fabric shops along Berwick which may be to your liking. We didn’t have time checking all of them out as we were there in the evening and some shops were closing. What I’ll definitely suggest is to have a meal after all the shopping in Soho.


P/S: 5 reasons why I like Soho:
1) Plenty to look and scour in this bustling street
2) Unique shops and shop display
3) A place with lots of good food
4) Vibrant and colourful

Hope everyone is having a great weekend!
5) I’m a street shop kinda girl rather than huge departmental shops

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