Wedding Planning (Part 10): Summing it up!


At first it was all very daunting when it came to planning the wedding. How was it possible to juggle the busyness at work, the wedding date looming closer and the intention to customize so many things! I wouldn’t deny that the stress and tension did get to me sometimes and often I find an easy target to vent all my frustration on (sorry mister).

“You could hire a wedding planner”, someone told me. Though wedding planners are still not widely used in this city, but there is an increasing popularity as people gets busier at work with an impossible work schedule. People tends to work long hours in this city. I would have engaged a wedding planner if I wanted a wedding that was lavish and grand (perhaps a big yacht party or a grand wedding in Bali) or if I’ve to satisfy the many request/wishes/wants/thoughts/etc imposed by our families. But phew, no big lavish wedding and no over the top requests we can’t compromise with and hence no wedding planner.

That was probably my best decision because I did put my planning skills to test (wedding planner was one of my career choices when I was a teen) and learning that patience is indeed a virtue. I know I make it sound like it was such a big deal but it was because I was also in the midst of moving to a new job and adapting to my new role and work environment.


The other thing I’m really pleased would be that as much as possible we customized our wedding and DIY-ed a couple of things. In this day and time, everything can be store bought and there are always people better than you in crafting the same things so why not just get it from them! But staying true to the DIY spirit means you might have to live with imperfections but you get satisfaction out of saying “Ooh thank you for the compliment, I made it myself” or “Hey look, I didn’t thought I could do this, but yea I did”.


The wedding me and the mister planned may not land us a feature in a wedding magazine or neither were the things we made free of flaws and there were definitely hiccups on the wedding day. But I am glad we stuck together in our ideas and make the wedding our own. Wedding aside, it’s the marriage that counts, isn’t it? Moreover the day passed by in a flash and the snippets that I can remember and hold dear are those memories of our vows, standing in front of the altar holding hands, walking down the aisle, our march ins, our thank you speech, him singing to me and eating room service when the wedding was over.

My blog was meant to be a craft blog and initially I was apprehensive on documenting my wedding planning journey. I didn’t know if there was anyone who wanted to read about it or worst be bored by it and never return but I must thank you all for the words of encouragement and sharing of experiences with me. Nonetheless, I’m glad to have documented this huge milestone in my life and conclude the wedding planning series. And for those who are going down the same wedding planning path, I hope you are able to find a thing or two that might aid you in your own journey.

Remember, marriage is a lifetime. Make it your own!

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