Wedding Planning (Part 9): Make it your own


Every wedding begins with planning or an enthusiastic bride. Hours is spent poring over wedding magazines, the internet, consulting with family & friends and the occasional opinion from the groom. The objective of it all is to be able to have a wedding uniquely yours.

While I may not have big fancy ideas or a dream wedding (ok, maybe it might have been great to have a full on garden wedding with marquee and the whole works in a weather that is cool and non-humid. I think that’s a stretch!), I definitely wanted to look back at this day and exclaim “I think this is so us!”

There were times we had to weigh the pros & cons (especially the budget), what we could or couldn’t do and I must say that the mister and I makes a great team as we were pretty align in our ideas and thoughts (minus the occasional squabbles and stare-offs).

Inspiration: Paperpoms (photo credit to Pinterest)



We thought it was a total waste to have the car decorated in fresh floral especially if the flowers were to wilt or worst gets destroyed. I though the idea of a pom-pom was pretty good except that it can’t be made of paper. In the end, we manage to get someone we knew to make this fabric pom-pom for the car deco.


As we were only going to have our family and close friends attend the solemnization, there was a need to separately inform them aside from the main wedding card that the hotel provided. We managed to improvise and created our own little card that was slotted in with the main invitation for guests who were invited to our solemnization.

Instead of having a photobooth (which is all the raves now), I had a few Polaroid cameras and got my girlies to help snap photos for my guests. They could either bring it home as a memento which most did or they could paste it in the guest booth and leave us a message.



Wedding-singers2 Singing-groom

The most emotional of it all was having my in-laws and our friends singing a couple of songs and dedicating them to us. It definitely beats a lavish band hands down, in my opinion. And of course, without my knowledge, the dearest mister also went on and sang a song to me!


So to me, it is important to really think about what is the take-away you want out of the wedding and most important of it all is Make It Your Own. No one can dispute that satisfaction of it all.

To my fellow Singaporeans, Happy National Day!!

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