Around the world fabric: London (Part 1)


I was so excited when the mister agreed to London as part of our honeymoon destination. It’s one of my favourite cities in the whole world!

I love how vibrant London is yet there are parts that are quaint and picturesque. That’s a sight I rarely see in this very cosmopolitan city of Singapore where I live. The only thing I don’t fancy would have to be the drizzles and sudden rain but I definitely wouldn’t mind the cool weather. Having lived in somewhere so tropical, it’s a nice change to experience the cool.

London-bridge Big-Ben IMG_4166

Once we bought the tickets to London (though it’s really not my first time there as I have some relatives living in London), I knew I had to check out the sewing scene since I’ve been an avid follower of some great bloggers from the UK and The Great British Sewing Bee. So I wasted no time and got in touch with Tilly who was so very kind to share some fabric places I might want to check out during my stay in London.

There were so many things I want to see/do/experience and yet I had so little time so to maximize my time spent in London, I had to prioritize and make the most out of it.

First stop.. Sew Over It


Sew Over it
78 Landor Road, Clapham North
London, SW9 9PH

Opening hours: The sewing café is open on Tuesdays to Fridays from 1PM to 6PM. From what I know, the other days are meant for classes which the shop will still be open for customers who wish to purchase something. I strongly recommend checking out their website before heading down to avoid any disappointment.

How to get there: The website also has some detailed instructions on how to get there. We took the tube on the Northern Line to Clapham North station and took a slow walk of approx 5 mins to the shop.

sew-over-it2 sew-over-it3

I chanced upon Sew Over it (I think the name is cute) when I was doing research on Sewing Cafes. I think it’s a brilliant idea to have a place where sewers/dressmakers can come together and sew while having some tea and cakes. That’s the perfect way to be part of a community where everyone can learn from everyone! A great way to cultivate some sewing culture!

Sew Over it also offers a series of classes for novice to the advanced. Besides classes they too can provide one-on-one tuition or even parties which are perfect for bachelorette parties if you ask me. While I didn’t manage to catch a glimpse of how the classes are conducted, too shy to ask for a tour. I was definitely in awe of the vibrant interior and the display of haberdashery in the shop. I was so tempted to purchase everything!


I did manage to get some things in the end. I can’t possibly leave the shop without getting anything right? I think the mister almost had to drag me out as I was spending far too much time in the shop just browsing through stuff.


If I had the chance to be in London for a longer period of time, I will definitely consider going over to Sew Over it to either take a class or rent a sewing machine and have some community time.

Follow me in my next post as I unravel more of London’s beauty and more fabric shops coming up!

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