Wedding Planning (Part 8) – Still on the topic of flowers


Simplicity and pure was my inspiration for my bouquet.

Everyone will agree that a bride looks the best when she is walking down the aisle and so far I haven’t heard anyone disputing that fact. It can be something very emotional for people who are extremely close to the bride/the couple. And as a bride herself, besides chanting over and over in my head “do not fall, do not fall” and holding on to my dad for dear life, the moment is simply surreal as you looked to the one receiving you at the end of the walk. For a split moment (or many, depending on how fast or slow you are walking. :)), the world comes to a standstill as you forget the world and no one around matters. It was just you and your groom.

Mood board

Photos credited to Pinterest. 

This dreamy effect was precisely what I envisioned it to be, me in my white duchess satin gown, a pastel bouquet in my hands with a lush green surrounding as I walk towards my groom. With this in mind, I worked with SingSeeSoon (whom you would know by now was the florist I engaged for all my wedding florals) to devise the perfect bouquet. I started with gathering ideas and creating mood boards for the type of colours/look I was going for, there after I chose the main flower I would like in my bouquet. And because I particularly like Hydrangeas I wanted it to be the main flower and passed all my research work to Rechelle from SingSeeSoon to get further advice on the accompanying flowers and a quotation.

IMG_4011 IMG_4012 IMG_9562

Her response was fast and pricing was right. After some deliberation and imagination, my bouquet consists of white Hydrangeas, a touch of Calla Lilies and champagne Roses to give it some colour. If I were to be utterly honest, I was rather worried that my bouquet may turn out too white as I couldn’t picture how it will look like together. I remembered asking Rechelle so many times if we should have some pink flowers in the bouquet.

IMG_9521 IMG_9509

I also got accompanying bouquet of roses for 2 of my maid of honors who walked down the aisle with me.

Roses are indeed one of the easiest flowers to work with. They are naturally beautiful and you need very little to make them standout.


Last year, I helped a good friend with her flower decorations in a church setting. Most of the decorations were DIY. We got fresh roses and baby breaths from the florist the night before, cut off all the thorns and trimmed the stems to a height we needed before we brought it all home and left the cut stems in water in an air-conditioned room to preserve the freshness of the flowers. On the same night, after the roses were taken care of, we tied and secured satin ribbons to the pews. We started the next morning bright and early where we then slot all the roses between the ribbons and the pews and make sure they are to sit there snugly. I think it’s a great way to save some monies and moreover the girls get to bond.


Voila.. the end result which we were all please with. It looks quite professionally done if you ask me. 🙂

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