Wedding Planning (Part 7): Wedding Floral at the Amara Sanctuary Grand Ballroom

IMG_8965 The grandeur of the ballroom

In my last post, I wrote about the lush greenery of the glass pavilion and how it seems to steal the thunder so effortlessly. Decorating the grand ballroom was a lot more tedious, a lot more thought was needed. Architecturally, the ballroom has a high ceiling and is extremely spacious. It can accommodate up to 45 tables whereas we only have 32 and that made me a little worried. I wanted spacious walkway between tables and yet look cozy and not sparse. My ceremony in the glass pavilion was in the late morning followed by a luncheon in the grand ballroom, which also meant that without the natural light from the surrounding, the ballroom may look a tad too dark.

Every spare moment leading up to the wedding was spent researching on themes and flower arrangements for similar venues. Eventually, we decided not to have a theme (the Mister had adverse reaction to the use of props) and went with a colour theme of gold dust instead. When choosing colour palette, we also took the intelligent lighting system at the Amara Sanctuary Grand Ballroom into consideration. The invention was truly clever as you can portray any kind of colour you want in the grand ballroom.  While Amara gave the flexibility to engage both SingSeeSoon and The Red Petals (you can read about it here), for consistency and easy project management, we decided to stick with SingSeeSoon especially since we had a really good experience with them.  So we settled for a range of Peach, Champagnes and Coral roses and Eustomas.

IMG_8989This was what we chose for the VIP centerpiece. We decided to go with 1 VIP table since we could all fit in and have some bonding time between the in-laws.

IMG_9111The floral stands at the back were the ones we chose for flanking the walkway and also for the stage.

Initially we were afraid that floral arrangements provided in the package were insufficient to properly decorate the ballroom and was glad to know that it was just enough, not too much to make it look like a garden. When we were at Amara for our food tasting, I took the liberty to get the banquet manager to show us the various shades and samples of the table cloths as well as the ribbon sash that would be used for the chairs. I wanted to make sure that the VIP table stood out from the rest of the tables and that the floral we chose would blend in nicely with the table cloth to create the overall look of gold dust that we wanted.  I was also contemplating in getting my own wedding favours or to add a personal touch to them but quickly changed my mind when I saw the array of options Amara had to offer. My wedding coordinator from the hotel was also helpful in that he kept us updated on new designs for the favours so that we may pick from the latest designs and trust me they really had A LOT of designs to choose from. And we eventually went with something practical, a small pot of honey and little teacups for alternate seats.

IMG_8984 IMG_8973 IMG_9021 IMG_9068 IMG_9695

I came to realize that there really isn’t quite a need to splurge lots of money on floral because optimum is not about going overboard and having over the top decorations. Through this process, I learn so much more about flowers and how it can accentuate every occasion.

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