Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Polka Dotted Skirt

Full skirt

I’ve always had a soft spot for polka dots, big ones, medium ones and even tiny ones. It is like second nature to pick up anything with polka dots on them as soon as I enter a shop. This obsession could well be attributed to the years spent in Secondary School in a green polka dotted uniform.

photo (9)

As I was rummaging through my closet just the other day I found this navy blue polka dotted skirt that I sewed when I was still taking classes at Kadomay’s (oh! How have I forgotten you).

I remembered this was the second piece I sewed during a beginner’s course at Kadomay. It was an upgrade or rather up-skill from the first piece which was a A-line skirt. It was also in this class that piqued my interest in creating my own clothes and wearing them! Even though I’ve had the chance to play with grandma’s old sewing machine or sewn random stuff before taking this class, I never really took sewing seriously. I thought it was tedious and never really bothered learning from the ladies who sews in my family.

Waist band

The turning point for me was looking at all these talented, dedicated and passionate DIY dressmakers that attended the class. There was even a 12 year old girl in my class! (oh boy, what was I doing when I was 12? Listening to Spice Girls and hope I would become as famous as baby spice some day?) Everyone seems confident of their craft and knows exactly what they are talking about which made me really envious. There is a nagging in me that says “I want to be like that too!” And so yes, even though I am still a novice, I haven’t looked back since.

So the flare skirt was something I sew very early on and is definitely one of the more manageable pieces to sew. It is instantaneously gratifying to complete and the method is not unlike the A-line skirt except that it was extended on the sides. I learnt how to draft an A-line skirt from scratch, taking in all the measurements then extend the sides to turn it into a flare skirt.

Side buckle Side buckle 2 Hem line

A harder interfacing was used for the waist band to give it a structured stiffness along with a side zip and buckle. It is slightly high-waisted so that it can be paired nicely and neatly with a tuck in shirt and a cute pair of flats.

It’s time to dream up the next skirt. Tulip skirt, anyone?

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