Wedding Planning (Part 4): Pictures speaks a thousand words


Photography is an important element for any wedding or major occasion because it captures all emotions and precious memories.

Surprisingly, choosing the photographer was easier than expected. We already had a list of photographers in mind and all we had to do was visit their website, browse through their portfolio and select one that fits our vision and style. We needed the photographer for the pre-wedding photoshoot and actual day’s shoot and eventually selected Oneyeclick. (

To us, the style of the photographer was very important especially so for the pre-wedding photoshoot as we didn’t want something too serious or studio-y and preferred something more free-spirited that could depict our story.

So for that, the Mister and I was extremely pleased with the outcome 🙂


You would have recognized this dress, I was rushing this out for it to be part of the photoshoot.

OEC_2408 OEC_2429




Staying true to our DIY spirit (and to save some monies) we decided to put together our very own photobook instead of getting it done by the photographer. I would suggest anyone who intends to go down this route to check out Apple website ( . It’s pretty awesome if you ask me as it was so easy to customise it to our liking. Simply, you can change the background colour, page layouts and even add your own meaningful quotes or captions, which we did. We felt that it added so much more personal touch to it. It also comes with a photo wrapped cover and matching dust jacket and sent directly to our doorstep. We went with the larger book (25 x 25 cm) for 20 pages at S$58 and added on pages at S$1.70 for each additional page. It definitely came up to less than a S$100 which we would never be able to get that if we were to go with the photobook done by the photographer. Of course, that has its perks because it will be done by a professional and the book will be in hardcover but I guess it really depends on how much work or how personal you want your photobook to be.

IMG_4496 IMG_4499 IMG_4500 IMG_4498

For the actual day, the photographer came to my place bright and early to ensure she captures all the preparatory work and basically followed us throughout the day. The pictures turned out beautifully. But I supposed I was a little disappointed, maybe I had too high an expectation after the pre-wedding photoshoot, afterall the photographer for the pre and on the day were different. So if I would definitely suggest getting the same photographer especially so if you really liked the photographer’s work. While there were many shots taken of us and our guest, I would have preferred if she could have captured more of the emotions and the expressions. I’ve learnt that if I had something in mind, it might be useful to run through all these details prior to the wedding day.

IMG_8051 IMG_8076

Nonetheless, we are still happy customers.

Let’s talk about flowers and my hand-made corsages and boutonnieres in the next installment to this series. 🙂

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