Wedding Planning (Part 3): Mad about Gowns

I know I hadn’t been able to follow closely on this series and write as fast as I wanted to.. but I certainly hope you are still following me…

Today, let’s talk about gowns, a bride’s favourite topic! I always marvelled at how all brides looks stunning in their bridal dress and gowns. I spoke about this some time ago when I was scouting for my dress.

I would often rave about my designer Michelle to all my friends who asked me about my experience at Bridalveil. I never knew her existence before the quest of gowns took place. I remembered the first time I visited the shop once I’ve made an appointment and immediately fell in love with the shop space. The shop was located in the heart of Orchard Road at Delfi and it had such a airy and classy feel to it. It was not tacky or dated like some bridal shops I’ve visited. And yet at the same time it was so cosy and the service staff were all so polite and professional. The whole experience was amazing. I got to try on gowns, there was a consultation on my likes and dislikes, my expectations and my wish list. The only time I felt intimidated was probably at the cost. Me and the mister definitely went through lots of discussion before we decided to settle with them.

In the weeks leading up to the wedding, before every appointment, the girls/ Colin (Michelle’s husband who does the man suites) would give me a call to remind me of my appointment and the things I would have to bring along. Punctuality is something regarded highly at Michelle’s as she hates to let the next bride wait when it is supposed to be her turn. So like clockwork, every bride tries to be as punctual as possible.

My Wedding Gown
Since I was unable to sew my own wedding gown, I opted for made to measure. This means that collaboratively, Michelle and I would go through designing my wedding gown together with inputs from me. It would absolutely be the one and only one. And so, we set in motion to design my gown. During the first few sessions, I went through consultation with Michelle where I tried on as many as 6 gowns with different cuts and styles. From there we were able to tell what worked for me and what didn’t. I was also able to show her pictures of how I envisioned my dress would be and Michelle would take it all back and come up with a couple of designs for me to choose from. Her style is clean and fuss-free which I totally love about. I didn’t want a dress that looks like I am drowning in the fabric or something too gaudy. I chose the bustier top with criss cut folds to hide my imperfections at the tummy area. And am thrilled with how it all turned out.

Fabric: Duchess Satin
Colour: Off White
Cutting: Criss Cross bustier, Princess cut, A line skirt with moderate train.
Embellishment: Crystals embellishment on front bustier, crystal buttons lining the back from top to end of train

My second change of Gown
In my second change of outfit during the luncheon, I wanted something princessy yet grand and classy. Initially I contemplated between a different bustier and even the mermaid. I didn’t want the bustier to look similar on both the wedding gown and the second change. I debated between getting one with straps or one that is backless. Michelle is a very frank person and she strives to make her creation fit and looks great on her brides and advised me against. And the 2 gowns definitely looks different. This time there was no train so that I could walk around and mingle with my guest easily and it was a colour so loud and bright but totally suited my skin tone. I did feel like a princess in this dress.

Fabric: Tulle (what is a wedding without some tulle. Most brides would usually choose the tulle for the wedding gown. But I wanted it to be different).
Colour: Chilli Red
Cutting: Tube bustier top, ballgown cut for the dress, no train
Embellishment: Crystals on bustier front

The best part of this dress is that I get to be involved in the designing process and to also keep it. As a surprise, Michelle even gave me my white wedding gown as a wedding gift!
The amazing thing about Michelle is not only is she very passionate about her craft and being extremely hands on during the entire process, she also cares about the health and weight of her brides. She will constantly remind me of the food to avoid and etc. Truly a master who takes pride in her work!


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