The Eyelet Skirt


Simply adore this skirt right now because it is so easy to wear and pair for this ever-changing body of mine.
It is absolutely fuss free and super practical. The other piece of garment that I wear ever so often coming in second to dresses would definitely be skirts! One skirt, so many different looks and feel. I hope you feel the same way about skirts and like it as much as I do. 🙂

This was so incredibly easy to make and I didn’t have to use any patterns. Basically I just worked out my measurements, drafted a A line skirt pattern and sewed it up!


To create a girly and romantic look, I cut the fabric up and have it joined at the waist and at the same time I made used of the trimmings at the bottom of the fabric and not having to waste it. Eyelet fabric have such a casual yet romantic feel to it and in my opinion it is perfect for Summer and the heat. It is light weighted and airy that doesn’t stick to my legs at all! And because it is cotton, it is so easy to handle.

I used an elastic band instead of zips, buttons etc to fit it’s current purpose.

It is always tricky to know what you can do with the trimmings at the bottom and not waste it because it is so beautiful.

Perfect for Summer and the kind of piece I’ll miss when it gets into the laundry basket..

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