Book Review: The Colette Guide To Sewing Knits

Look what came in my mail 🙂

I enjoy browsing around in bookstores and is obsessed over physical books. There is something so alluring having to hold a book rather than a tablet or an electronic book. While I appreciate a good read every now and then when time permits, I have never really immerse myself into sewing books. Reason is simple, there are tons of useful information that can be found on the internet that I didn’t think warrant me to search for 1 perfect book.

That was before I knew Colette was partnering Alyson Clair on this book!

I was skeptical at first as I was afraid the steps might be too technical or too difficult to keep up especially when I am still an amateurish sewer. But what caught my attention was the fact that this book was all about knits. Everyone loves knits, you can just tell by the number of knit items you have in the closet. The t-shirts and stretchy knit dresses. This is an important skill to have, to learn how to sew knits! I have always thought of this being daunting as knit fabrics are extremely difficult to handle by my standard and you will need the right machine to do the job (so isn’t it easier to purchase one).

I decided to just go ahead and purchase the book, and boy am I glad. The moment I tore the bag containing this book, I just went on to read from cover to cover.


What I really liked about the book was the fact that it didn’t only have really pretty pictures..


Or it being really informative.. but it being really easy to read, digest and understand. I really like the way it was written and the steps being clear and concise in a light-hearted manner. It feels like Alyson was speaking to you rather than it being all formal and serious. It makes me want to just go out, buy a piece of knit fabric and get started! It is clear in it’s instructions and cleared many doubts I had regarding this type of fabric, it’s use and what works best.

I truly think that Alyson and Colette has done a great job in this book.


At the end of each chapter, there was also a short review section where it summarizes all that you have read which is light-hearted and nothing too textbook-y which is definitely right up my alley.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who wants to get started with knits or just for a good read!

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