Sew Over It Knickers Kit Sew-along Part 2

My energy is finally coming back! And that means it’s time to be productive! I have neglected sewing quite abit and can’t wait to jump right back into the bandwagon especially after spending many nights watching The Great British Sewing Bee. These constestants are such an inspiration. Even though Tamara didn’t win (I was rooting for her all way through), her dedication and creativity definitely did rub off on me.

So, as mentioned in my previous post, I am going to tackle sewing a pair of knickers using the knickers kit I bought during my trip and am going to document it through a sew-along. Let’s get started.

Let’s talk about fabric; the fabric provided in the kit is a soft cotton fabric bearing a floral print. Cotton are generally easier to work with as they are non slippery and pretty hardy.

I know of some friends who would cut their sizing out from the main pattern given but I always have a habit to trace it out so that I can preserve the original pattern incase I grew in size. My method of tracing it out would be to lay a blank sheet of paper on the bottom of the pattern and pinning the 2 pieces of paper together. Using a coloured dressmaker carbon’s sheet, face the coloured side downwards on the blank sheet of paper. Using a tracing wheel, roll it across the pattern lines corresponding to your size, moving the carbon paper as you go along. Make sure all the lines you are suppose to have, have been transferred onto the blank piece of paper. Thereafter, you may cut it out and viola it’s done. Alternatively, you may either trace it directly onto the fabric or use a tracing paper (those for baking are good enough) as that is slightly translucent so you may not need to carbon paper to see through to the pattern.


After I’ve cut out my paper pattern, I layed it on the fabric, pin it and cut out the pieces. This step is fairly straight forward there are no darts to mark out on the fabric.


This is where I’ll stop for today, following the instructions closely, my next step would be to starting sewing it together.

Happy sewing all!

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