What have I been up to?


I feel like I’ve disappeared for awhile but am actually trying to keep sane admist all the mayhem. Work has been extremely trying and tiring ever since I took on a new portfolio. I now have less time for sewing as I am usually dead beat when weekends approaches. 😦 And not forgetting, the wedding is happening in approx 4 months time! Gasp! There’s still so much to do..

Wedding 101:

There is absolutely 10,000 things to handle especially all the nitty gritty details to take care of. So this week was visitation of the florist and choosing wedding flowers for the decorations. From roses to gerberas to hydrangeas and various centerpieces.

The photoshoot is in less than 1 week now and i’ve decided that as part of our casual shoot I’m going to sew a dress for the casual shoot!

 polka dots 2polka dots

Am not going to spoil the surprise for now, will blog about it after. 🙂

Have a great week ahead friends, I hope I will too.

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