Credits to Pinterest

The thing I envy most of fellow sewists is when I hear that as part of their DIY plans for their wedding they are either making their own gown or sewing the bridesmaid dresses. As much as I would like to, I don’t feel confident enough to do so. So we will just have to continue with our search for the dresses and hopefully someday I will be confident enough to help my girlies with their bridesmaid dresses.

For me, there is only 2 ways to de-stress. One is through feasting on good food and the other is retail therapy. As the latter is less detrimental to the waist line (only to the wallet), it is a much wiser choice.

See what small sewing trinkets I gotten when wandering around. Besides collecting cloth, the other thing that gets my attention are all these sewing related trinkets. This is definitely going to come in handy when I move to the new house. And ooh so cute!




On to drooling over more bridesmaid dresses and trying to squeeze in some sewing time. This week had been crazy!

Have a good week ahead! 🙂

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