To have and to hold


The power of love

The most meaningful and memorable of a wedding is the speeches. The heart felt gratitude and emotions from the bride and groom is exceptionally overwhelming even for a bystander. Suddenly you do not see the couple as individuals but as one. It is indeed beautiful to witness the love of 2 people sharing a moment reciting their vows, there is just something so intimate about it. It is a feeling that I believe no one can truly understand unless you are the one standing there exchanging your vows with your partner.

Looking beyond just a day of joyous celebration, it is also a test for 2 people when they work together to plan for the day. There’s just so many preparation work that goes into planning for a wedding. As a friend, all I could do was be there when they needed help and I was thankful that all the wedding decorations we were in-charge of breeze through smoothly. We were so glad everything went fine, (Phew! the fresh flowers didn’t die on us) and most importantly was that the couple loved it as much as we do. I’ve never tied as many ribbons as I did and neither have I handled that many flowers before.

And what did I wore on the day?

No. 9 Theme Dress

The Inspiration – Well, from my previous post you would have known I desperately needed something blue for the wedding and I simply didn’t manage to find time to shop for it.

The Fabric – Electric blue pure cotton. You know my love for using cotton, I’m getting really good at handling cotton fabric.

The Look – I wanted something simple and quick to sew as I only had 1 weekend to do so. Besides that, I wanted something flattering and a dress that was light and frilly for the church wedding in the day. You would realized that I re-use the pattern of my LBD for this look. I took in more at the shoulders as I wanted to accentuate my shoulders and cut down on the gathers at the waist. So it doesn’t look as plain as a shift dress and yet not too poofy at the waist. To complete the look, I paired it with a statement necklace and  a pair of wedges.


The Challenge – HAHA! Completing it in 1 weekend itself was already a challenge. Nothing major happened which I thank God for but that also meant that I had to work really fast. Somehow I felt like I was part of Project runway, keeping tabs on time and ensuring I am on track!

Well, I really like the colour of the dress and the ease of wearing it. Most importantly, I’m proud of the fact that I managed to complete this in 2 days.

This week is a short work week as there are 2 public holidays which I’ll be sure to make full use of. Similarly I hope that the week will be just as fruitful for you too! 🙂

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